Grammar Tutoring
Grammar is the way that spoken and written words are put together so that thoughts and ideas can go from one person to another.  Grammar is something that you can learn and USE to talk and write so that other people know what you mean.  It can also help you to understand better what other people say and write.

Definitions of the various parts of speech are learned (noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, etc.), together with practical activities which require the student to identify parts of speech within various texts. In addition to this, the student is also expected to put to practical use what he has learned by writing sentences and short stories of his own composition.

It helps students to clarify grammar with the purpose of improving their ability to communicate in speech and writing.

The How to Use a Dictionary Course and the Grammar & Communication Course can also be studied by a student who wishes to improve their grammar skills.

Consultation, Assessment & Programme

Firstly, we provide a free consultation with the student and/or parent to discover what they think the problem areas are.  If required, we then conduct an assessment in this area so we have a clear indication of what needs to be focused on throughout the tutoring sessions. 

All tutoring is delivered on a one-on-one basis and, depending on the age of the student, one to two hours per week.

Our dedicated and friendly staff are trained in the Applied Scholastics’ methods and are fully qualified and certified tutors and instructors.  They also have a wealth of experience from teaching many students and understand that each student is an individual who learns at a different pace.

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