Mathematics Tutoring
Applied Scholastics Wattle Grove takes a different approach when assisting a student to understand mathematics.  In essence, a student must be taken back to the first misunderstanding and then move through the various stages before they can successfully go forward in their current year of schooling. 

We have discovered that students have various misunderstood mathematical words, terms and symbols; they also do not see the relevance of actually putting their mathematical skills to practical use in everyday life.

You can easily teach a student how to find the perimeter of a rectangle:  (l + w) x 2.  At Applied Scholastics, the student learns the definitions of all the words and symbols associated with this activity. This is then followed with a scenario that would require them to think and put that information to practical use.

Consultation, Assessment & Programme

 Firstly, we provide a free consultation with the student and/or parent to discover what they think the problem areas are.  We then conduct a comprehensive assessment using the book "Diagnostic Mathematical Tasks." 

This book contains a series of graded tests which effectively diagnose a child's achievement, learning difficulties and individual needs in the various mathematical topics. 

A very specific programme is then developed for that student from the information obtained from the consultation and assessment results.  This pinpoints the exact areas of difficulty with guaranteed results.

All tutoring is delivered on a one-on-one basis and, depending on the age of the student, one to two hours per week.

Our dedicated and friendly staff are trained in the Applied Scholastics’ methods and are fully qualified and certified tutors and instructors.  They also have a wealth of experience from teaching many students and understand that each student is an individual who learns at a different pace.

Applied Scholastics Wattle Grove