Phonics Tutoring - Reading & Writing
Phonics is a method of teaching reading; it teaches that letters and combinations of letters represent specific sounds.
The Applied Scholastics Phonics Programme teaches students to read and write on the correct gradient.  Great emphasis is placed on understanding the meanings of words, which results in increased confidence and true comprehension of what is being learned.

Applied Scholastics Wattle Grove provides phonics tutoring to children and adults of all ages, including English as a Second Language students.

We provide tutoring to the student who is beginning to learn to read and write, and for the remedial student.

If you are a parent, ask yourself these questions:

Can your child sound out the words he reads?  Or does he:

Memorise them?          Guess them?          Work it out from the pictures?

Furthermore, can your child truly understand what he reads? 
Most children learn the most common sounds of the letters of the alphabet, but they need a true understanding of how a single letter can have more than one sound.  For example, did you know the letter “a” has many sounds?
Children also need a thorough understanding of how two or more letters can represent just one sound:
The above must be taught on the correct gradient or confusion will be inevitable.  This will then result in a student who does poorly in the literacy area, and will develop a distaste for the subject and an unwillingness to learn.

We also focus on spelling, punctuation, letter formation and the correct pronunciation of words.

Consultation, Assessment & Programme

Firstly, we provide a free consultation with the student and/or parent to discover what they think the problem areas are.  We then conduct a comprehensive assessment which pinpoints the exact areas that need to be focused on throughout the tutoring sessions.  At the request of the student/parent, remedial students can be given additional literacy activities that cover grammar, creative writing, etc. 

All tutoring is delivered on a one-on-one basis and, depending on the age of the student, one to two hours per week.

Our dedicated and friendly staff are trained in the Applied Scholastics’ methods and are fully qualified and certified tutors and instructors.  They also have a wealth of experience from teaching many students and understand that each student is an individual who learns at a different pace.

Applied Scholastics Wattle Grove