Spelling Tutoring
Various spelling techniques are used to accommodate different age levels. A short assessment conducted on the student helps us to identify specific spelling difficulties.  A programme is then written which pinpoints what needs to be learned to increase a student's ability to spell correctly. Activity sheets and  books are also used to practise words and increase vocabulary.

In addition to this, parents can also receive 5 hours spelling tutoring/training so they can effectively teach their own children to spell using our programme.

Consultation, Assessment & Programme

Firstly, we provide a free consultation with the student and/or parent to discover what they think the problem areas are.  If required, we then conduct an assessment in this area so we have a clear indication of what needs to be focused on throughout the tutoring sessions. 

All tutoring is delivered on a one-on-one basis and, depending on the age of the student, one to two hours per week.

Our dedicated and friendly staff are trained in the Applied Scholastics’ methods and are fully qualified and certified tutors and instructors.  They also have a wealth of experience from teaching many students and understand that each student is an individual who learns at a different pace.

Applied Scholastics Wattle Grove