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Learning How to Learn Course

“The Learning How to Learn Course was so good. I enjoyed everyday I was here and when I left I’d tell my mum how much I learned that day and how excellent it was to have this knowledge for the rest of my life. Thank you Alison and Jessica for helping me with everything, without you I wouldn’t be as happy and as confident as I am now. Knowing about all the barriers that stop me studying is a great thing to know and I wish all kids could learn what I have learned in these two months. I recommend this for anyone who wants to learn!”
- SM

“I think this course was brilliant and I have learned so much! I can honestly say that I can use all the information I have learned everyday. Thanks Alison, this course has actually helped me to study. Anyone who wants to study should definitely do this course. It’s the best course ever!”
- JD

“First I thought it was easy but as I progressed it got harder. Most people think they are smart but they don’t even understand things, they just memorize them without understanding. If you think you are pretty smart, guess what? Come and do this course and you will know how smart you are. I’m not saying I’m smarter than you or anything, but just consider doing this course because it is worth it!”
- VC

“Thank you to Alison, Tanya and Jess for teaching me some great new skills that will help me to help my son (and hopefully other children) learn. Each step was interesting and I would recommend any and every parent and teacher do this course. I hope to keep on learning new courses and arming myself with new ways to help my son learn at home. Thank you so much.”
- CJ (parent)

Phonics Tutoring

“Thank you for helping Grant gain his self confidence in reading. I wanted Grant to have the same phonics education that my older sons had in primary school in America. The Modern Phonics program has given Grant the knowledge to become an exceptional reader and speller. Grant loves reading and reads with confidence. No matter how big the word is Grant has the confidence to sound it out and make sure he understands the meaning of the word. When Grant entered Grade 2 this year, he already had the knowledge of how dictation worked. He has really enjoyed Grade 2 because he had covered the basic phonics that he needed to succeed in school. Thank you to Grant’s tutor Michelle and Applied Scholastics.”
- MR

When my son came to Applied Scholastics, he was in Grade 3. His level of reading and writing was that of a Grade 1 student. I had previously tried other Educational Centres, but found he required something more.
Since Alison has tutored Mitchell, his level of understanding in grammar, spelling and sounding out words has improved immensely.
Alison has taught him all the sounds there is to know in the alphabet as well as giving Mitchell plenty of encouragement and laughs along the way!
Mitchell now has the confidence in himself to pick up novels and start reading on his own, which I think is fantastic! The results are shown at school, as he has moved up two levels in his reading class.
Alison is a great tutor, she is very professional in her work, has the patience required and understands exactly what your child needs to achieve great results.
I am very pleased with Mitchell’s results and what he has achieved at Applied Scholastics! Thanks Alison and well done!

The Australian Teaching Modern Phonics Course

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me to complete the ‘Australian Teaching Modern Phonics Course.’ I couldn’t have done it without your support and help!!
I signed up to complete this course after seeing first hand how successful this programme is in teaching children to read and write. I still can’t believe how much of a difference doing this course has made to my life. I can now tutor my son at home and know that he’s not being left behind at school, and I have peace of mind knowing that my two younger daughters will benefit from the knowledge and skills I can now pass on to them.
While doing the course I also became enthusiastic about wanting to help other children, as well as adults, who are having problems with reading and writing. This course has taught me how to assess problems that a child or adult is experiencing and also how to address these problems. It is an easy to understand, straight forward course that has been put together so well.
I have been telling everyone and anyone who will listen, how great this course is, and even if they don’t want to go on to tutor other children, they should do it to help their own children!
Thank you again for your patience and knowledge - this is what got me through this life changing course!
- CJ

“I first heard about this course from a friend of mine I worked with. She would share with me the wins she was having and I thought to myself, ‘I would really like to do that course one day.’ Well, one day finally came and I am so glad it did. I have thoroughly enjoyed every step on this course. I am absolutely certain, one hundred percent, that I now have the ability to help another, whether young or old, to be able to read and write. This is fantastic and I can’t wait to start.
A very special thanks to my twin, Heather. I could not have asked for a better lady to go on this journey with and I appreciate all her help along the way. I think she will be a fantastic tutor.
And lastly to Alison. Thank you does not seem enough, not only for what you have given to me in being able to learn this course, but to all those that you help. You are invaluable and please keep up the great work! I look forward to working with you as a tutor.”
- MW

How to Use a Dictionary Course

“I just loved my time at Applied Scholastics. I’ve learned how to use a dictionary and I’ve learned about grammar which helps me at school and at home. I’ve had a lot of fun doing this course and I am looking forward to my next one. I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank Alison, Crystal and my parents for helping me on this journey.”
- TM

“I have learned lots of things, from punctuation to the different forms of words. I really enjoyed the course. I have learned lots of things that I haven’t learned at school like articles and prepositions. It has helped me in my word finding in a dictionary. I would like to thank Alison, Crystal, Janice, Heather and my friends for helping me from the start of the course. ”
- TN

Grammar & Communication Course

“After two years of hard work I have learned a lot from everyone. Anyone who does these courses would probably be like, ‘These are the best courses and everyone should do them!’ People who haven’t done these courses and think they know it all - well I would just say ‘Good luck with your life!’

This course was a lot of hard work but worth it in the end. Honestly, I have gotten a lot out of this Grammar and Communication Course. In school I have improved heaps. When I first came here my English was okay. Now, when I look back, I see I am an improved version of me who is flying through high school with awesome marks!”
- MB

“Thank you Alison and all the other people who helped me to get through this course. It was DEFINITELY the hardest course so far but also the most fun. When I started this course it was hard and I was doing my best to keep up, but after a while things started to make sense and I knew what I was doing. The good part of this course is that, whenever moving to a new topic, it explains everything so well and hammers it into your head and makes sure you get what to do. At school when my teacher teaches something new about grammar and asks if anyone knows how to do it, I am usually the only one who puts up my hand. Thank you for giving me this knowledge.”
- SJ

Study Skills for Life Course

“I really enjoyed doing the ‘Study Skills for Life’ Course. It made me understand the barriers we have when we are studying and how to overcome them and to apply them in my everyday life. I also wanted to do this course so I could help my children with their studying as well, and knowing when they come across any barriers and helping them overcome them as well. I feel that the ‘Study Skills for Life’ has made me achieve this. It made me feel really happy and excited to have this knowledge, and I want to tell everybody, which I do. Thank you so much Alison and Tanya for changing a part of my life that has made hard things become a lot easier. It’s been great.”
- VS (parent)

“When I first came to Applied Scholastics I honestly had no idea what to expect. The course was, at first, very new and strange to me but with help and guidance from my instructors and others I have successfully made it through this course. I have actually seen the change in my study at school and as it’s my last year in high school it has been a BIG help! Coming here to study every Saturday has always been something to look forward to for me, and I can see how I can apply these new techniques to everyday life and not just at school.”
- LG (Year 12 student)

Basic Study Manual Course

“I just finished the Basic Study Manual and I had the hugest win on false data. This book is not only needed for study - but is needed for life. How simple it is to look at a piece of information and judge it for what it is! But I wasn’t doing that and I guarantee there are a lot of people just like me. This book hasn’t just handled my study; it has given me the ability to handle different areas of life! It’s amazing!”
- LM

“I am a slow turtle but finally I have completed the Basic Study Manual Course today. I am very happy about it!
This course has changed my life a lot as my English has improved. This was the hardest course for me but I made it. I know if I can do it, anybody can do it.
A BIG thank you to Alison, Tanya, Janice and Jessica. Without all your help this would not be possible for me. I miss this big family and I will be back!”
- IB

Communicating is Fun (children)

“Communication is very helpful in life because now me and other people can now be heard in life and get appreciated, heard and understood. In life I will use this to be heard and also to have good communication skills with other people and to get them to listen to me. It will help me a lot.”
- CT

“Today I completed the Communicating is Fun Course!! I found this really FUN!! I loved the bullbaiting. That was really annoying but fun, and I don’t really know what to say but that it was F U N!!”
- CC

Communication Skills (adult)

"This course has been fantastic for me. It has taught me so much in the way of getting your communication across successfully and in the handling of people who throw things/obstacles in your way. Effective communication is essential in everyone's life. If every person knew and applied this course, this place would just be wonderful !! I'll be applying and have applied everything I have learned in this course to better myself and increase my self confidence. I've also told several people about this course with interest being generated. I had a fantastic time learning !!.
Thank you to my twin and my Instructor.”
- TC

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