Students are required to work at their own pace from clear written instructions.
A concept must be completely understood before continuing onto the next part of their course.
Study & Learning
These three courses are at different levels to suit all ages. You will learn the key to effective studying and learning - also the solutions to problems associated with these important topics.

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Grammar & Punctuation
Improve spoken and written communication by knowing the parts of speech and the definitions and use of punctuation symbols. These two courses contain a vast amount of additional information about the English language – letter writing (business and personal), phonetic symbols, sentence structure, etc.

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There are two aspects to communicating well. There is the technical aspect – is your grammar correct, are you saying the words in the right order, etc. The other aspect of communication is your ability to confront the person with confidence, in a clear voice and not too soft or loud. These courses are to assist your communication in a verbal manner. They must be done with another student. We have a course for children and a different course for adults.

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The Australian Teaching Modern Phonics Course is unique to Applied Scholastics’ Centres -it is a comprehensive step by step literacy programme. This course is for any educator or parent who wishes to gain the ability to teach an individual to read, write, spell and comprehend using our methods.

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These courses are for parents having difficulty with their children in the learning and discipline areas. We also have a wealth of information for home schooling parents to assist you in your journey.

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